What are Point of Sale displays?

So what are Point of Sale Displays anyway?

The What, Where, Why and How…


What are Point of sale displays?

The term Point of Sale can be used to describe everything from hanging signs, window displays, end of aisle, floor and wall flat signage, counter top displays, aimed at influencing a consumers purchase. They are used by retail teams to help launch new products, boost sales and increase brand or product awareness.

What are Point of sale displays made out of?

We specialise in making all of our displays out of structured card or plastics. Different materials work for different projects so ask our team of designers what is right for you.


Where are Point of sale displays used?

In store, quite often near till points. But they can be positioned anywhere throughout the store to encourage the customer to pick up whatever it is your advertising. This could be with flat signage, floor graphics, end of aisle bus stops or 3D displays.


Why are point of sale displays used?

Point of Sale displays can increase sales by as up to 3 times as fast as the same products displayed elsewhere in store.  They are designed to grab the customers attention and persuade them to make a purchase that they wouldn’t normally make.


How are point of sale displays made?

Point of Sale displays go through a detailed process before the finished product is dispatched. The design of the unit itself is put together by our designers, making sure it is both visually pleasing and structurally sound. We then lay up your artwork onto the unit. A plain or printed sample can be provided when necessary. It then takes a journey through our factory to be printing, finished and packed. Our logistics team then arrange all transport to one or multiple locations, providing you with tracking and proof of deliveries.