The Journey of your Unit -Part 2

Part two: From print to finishing

Here we focus on the second part of your units journey. We look at everything from print to finishing. Whether this is the material you are printing on, to the complex construction completed in house by our engineers.

Print Options

In a world of technology and innovation, print continues to become a more generic term. A quality printer does not necessarily mean a quality design & service. All of our print offers a high quality finish and our list of Blue Chip clients support that. With heavy investment we remain at the fore front of the print revolution and with print quality a given in today’s market, we prefer to focus on our design & service, which we can say with confidence, are some of the best in our industry. This is not our statement, but that of our clients.

Material Options

From card to plastic to wood, with UV ink systems most substrates can be printed with a light fast guarantee of over 3 years. There is real range of opportunity when it comes down to chose the best substrate for your application.

With the support of our major UK suppliers we can deliver a material substrate to you normally within 24 hours of your request.

In-house Cutting

Whether its a one off campaign or a major international promotion, or from a complex display to a simple box, our-in-house cutting facility will deliver the best quality, and more importantly, the most cost effective solution to cut your print. For smaller targeted bespoke promotions, we can offer a complete digital flow, eliminating what would once have been a costly campaign.

If you requirements are a larger volume we will be able to cut on our semi auto platen machines, with tooling specifically laid up to ensure the best economies are achieved.

Finishing, Packaging and Fulfillment

Regular feedback shows, a Point of Sale unit that is over complicated to assemble in store, will either be damaged in construction or even worse never used. We want you to experience the full value and experience of your investment, so we spend a lot of time in design stage ensuring any complex construction is completed in-house so that when it arrives the final assembly is a very simple process. Stage by stage photograph instructions will be provided to further ensure your investment is fully utilised.

From automated gluing to intricate hand finishing our team of construction engineers deliver consistency and accuracy throughout the process.


By this point your display is nearing its  final stage of completion, but our responsibility stays, until your product has been safely signed for at its final destinations, whether a local outlet or an international address. We use the very best service providers to guarantee your product is delivered safely on time and at a competitive cost. A full list of proof of delivery (POD’S) will be submitted to you within 48 hours of delivery, where ever in the world that may be!