Product Display Bins (Dump Bin)

Product Display Bin

Product display bins have been very successful in the retail launch of many consumer goods and are particularly effective for creating a casual temptation to drive impulse buying on lower cost products. Made from either solid or corrugated board, we can produce them in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and finishes.

We keep a large selection of the more popular shapes and sizes on file for ease of ordering. Alternatively our cardboard engineers can design from scratch, bespoke to your requirements, produce mock-ups and prepare cutters as necessary to meet a specific need. This gives you more choice when choosing what design will work best for you.

Easier product fill and refills make Dump Bins a favourite amongst store merchandising staff. With a small footprint, they are a great way of displaying a larger quantity of stock, even in restricted spaces. We can vary the depth of the inside of the bin and can also include dividers, making it suitable for individual product requirements. They are also great for those items which have a more unusual shape, and would take up valuable space on a shelf.

CP arts design and manufacture all kinds of POS (Point of Sale) displays, which are usually supplied flat-packed, ready for easy assembly (instructions provided where required). We also assemble and pack the finished displays and can arrange distribution to end users and storage of stock if required.

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