Sales & Marketing Kits – POS flat signage

Here at CP arts, we don’t just focus on the 3D displays,
we also take care of all your POS flat signage needs

These are the items that are required to maximize your return from

  • seasonal and launch campaigns
  • brand building,
  • promotions,
  • sales and special occasions
A key element in successful POS display design and POS flat signage is the communication of the personality behind the brand.
Within stores there are lots of temptations and distractions to ‘floating’ shoppers.
Sales and Marketing kit are designed to be simple yet effective, ensuring that they grab the customers attention and get their message across

Take a look at our comprehensive range of POS flat signage:

Posters – billboard to A3 size

Bus Stops / Aisle Flags

Floor Graphics

Magnetic signage

Hanging Boards

Bollard Covers

Gondola Ends

Shelf Displays

Shelf Strips

Clip Strips


Shelf Barkers

Flat Signage…

is a staple of CP arts’ output and can be produced in full colour and dispatched rapidly at a competitive price.

Frequent store packs are the favourites for garden centres, builders merchants stores, as well as larger retail brands.

Whether you need an individual item or a co-ordinated package of promotional material, we’re always happy to meet your requirements.
Our logistics team can distribute into a central warehouse or we can despatch to individual stores, as well as stock hold, for ease of re ordering.

With our huge range of in-stock cutters and, of course, the ability to produce one-off cutters for differing needs, the limit of what we can produce is endless. We have the ability to print in all sizes up to and including large format and on many different substrates. We can also collate and dispatch the finished product in purpose made mailers. And of course, we also collate and supply the POS fittings, such as support stands, clips, hooks and hanging accessories needed to assemble or position the display material.

We can put together POS kits, containing all your flat signage requirements, providing our client and their reps and merchandisers with a ready to use marketing kit.

Part of the POS Flat Signage we can produce
Floor and Windows graphics

These POS materials are just as popular as they have always been.
With the full range of permanent, removable and ultra-removable self adhesive PVC we carry, we can print eye-catching displays for use on almost any surface.

Produced in a soft clear vinyl and applied with a solvent-based adhesive to any floor surface, they are scuff resistant and provide excellent clarity and water resistance.
Equally important, they can be removed without damaging the floor.


CP Arts also offer you Stock Management for your POS items

We have the ability to stock hold and keep a record of everything you have ordered on file, making it straight forward for you when it comes to ordering more stock.

We can also ship to anywhere in the UK and Europe and provide full tracking facilities.


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