In Store Theatre…

or Front Of Store Theatre gives you the opportunity to create statement pieces that grab the customers attention from the moment they enter the store. It is the high impact piece of Point of Sale/Point of Purchase displays that help to create a complete brand experience. These are the sorts of pieces that are designed to make a lasting impression and help boost the whole brands awareness, rather than just an individual product.

Often clients chose to incorporate additional features such as sound or movement to their designs.

Large units, like the phone boxes displays had a sound sensor device, which played a promotional message when customers walked past. We have also produced units which contain LED lights.

Even with larger items, still arrive flat packed and are fast and easy to assemble. The coach display, which can hold three pallets, takes less than ten minutes to go from flat pack to completely assembled.

In Store Theatre is a popular choice for cash and carry’s, who have a larger area available and are keen to grab those larger, bulk buy sales. They may also be featured in places such as airports, where again a larger footprint is available and they are not restricted by customer traffic guidelines.


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