Counter Displays – Small But Powerful Marketing Tool

Counter Displays are a quick way to display promoted items or impulse purchases that are awkward to stack or shelve. They provide a degree of organisation with the retailer benefiting from the convenience of simply putting a branded rack out on the counter for immediate purchase or selection.

They are a great example of displaying the most amount of product possible, even with the smallest of footprint available. We often find that our customers who use our Counter Displays see a huge increase in sales, making them a popular choice. Not only can we use eye catching prints and artwork, but the clever design of the units themselves. Such as tiered shelving, helps them and the product to really stand out from the other products in store.

They are a popular choice for those companies that have the smaller products. Counter displays are perfect for cosmetic brands, food & beverage brands etc, marketers who are looking to make their items a customer’s first choice.  We can produce these in either structured card or plastic. You can choose to send them out either flat packed or assembled, with assembly instructions as required, to one or multiple locations, in a variety of bespoke packaging to ensure safe transit to maximise sales potential.

Counter Dispensers are an effective POS display solution for point of purchase situations. They enabling easy presentation of promoted items at the counter top, ready for impulse or “pester” powered purchases!

CDU’s (Counter Display Units) are often positioned next to tills or in high traffic areas and proving to be extremely cost effective to showcase your product.

CP arts are masters at producing these from printed structural board. However other options are available for more permanent or high value product placement…


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