CP arts – Point Of Sale (POS) Display Manufacturer

One of the UK’s leading Point of Sale Production expert we produce bespoke displays to meet your customers needs

Our experienced team of designers and in-house Point of Sale Production facility give us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

CP Arts specialise in Point of Sale Production. We provide custom displays and POS stands to give your product the maximum exposure it needs. From bespoke prototyping to roll out, we can manufacture to order a complete range of POS displays for retail, high street stores, bluechip companies and leading brand names.

We work with you, your clients and your ideas from design through to manufacture, delivery and installation

Union Jack flag representing Point of Sale Production pruduced in the UK

The UK economy is dominated by service industries. In fact, as of 2014, manufacturing was only 14% of the economy (see article in Guardian OnLine).
CP arts makes all its own displays, on site, in our own UK factory. So we know how hard it is to manufacture in the UK.
We offer our services to help speed your product into the market place.
Based in Exeter we do everything here on site in our factory. From the initial design breif, to laying up of your artwork, producing samples, through to the actual print, finishing and distribution.

Product Commercialisation

POS Displays are a way of building investor and stakeholder confidence that is critical to ultimate sales success. Bringing your products to market, whether a service or physical products requires that the development process be completed speedily and on budget.

Our Point of Sale (POS) displays are designed bespoke to meet specific marketing objectives. They use both creative structural and graphic design to illustrate brand impact, product points and generate interest.

Selling to agents and distributors

Our designs are bespoke to your brand, have in-store impact, are easy to assemble and are durable.

Sales agents, wholesalers and other kinds of sales distributors can be a very effective channel for selling to your ultimate customers. An established sales agent or distributor can give you immediate access to your target market without the need to build your own sales presence.


CP arts offer a totally integrated service.

This includes the design, manufacture, packing (if required) and distribution of your POS displays.

Together, we can present your product to agents and distributors, winning them over by helping you to negotiate from a better position…

We also offer a digital printing service. We can produce anything from vinyl graphics with your company logos through to digitally printed wall panels. If you need to promote a product we have the resources to be able to produce POS displays to fit within your company’s image.


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