POS Displays Workflow

From Concept to Creation…


From a basic concept CP arts can create a bespoke POS Displays to communicate your brand and product,

whatever the constraints of footprint we can offer a POS/POP unit that delivers your product to its maximum potential.

Your concept will be taken on a journey from vision to 3D animation to full mock up.

Fusing design and structure at concept ensures designs that not only look stunning,
but are also simple to assemble which ensures maximum utilisation and effectiveness in store

Let CP arts become your retail partner for Point of Sale & Point of Purchase marketing materials

Throughout the process you will have the opportunity to work first hand with our design team who will be able to offer their experience on how your POS elements will work within the retail environment.

This ensures that your venture delivers an in-store theatre that tactically and engagingly projects your brand.

Manufacturing Process

Once your artwork is received our production team will evaluate the best route for your elements to be directed, we will consider the best methods suited to the production of your POS unit, with an extensive range of production capabilities we can ensure our customers can maximise the potential of retail markets.

From a One off local promotion to an international campaign we have the experience and capabilities to facilitate your requirements.


Display Finishing

Our comprehensive range of in-house display finishing equipment allows us to ensure process control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

All aspects of finishing are based around ensuring consistency quality and accuracy, this is why we have made extensive investments in automated equipment this gives us the ability to achieve the very highest quality with the focus on demanding lead times.


Packing / Fulfillment / Delivery

Once your promotion arrives into Dispatch it is well on route to its final destination, we take pride in the packaging of your product as with the entire journey that it has taken so far through our facility. We provide bespoke packaging for each product to ensure that we minimize wastage and maximize protection.

If your elements are part of an ongoing campaign we can offer storage within our large dispatch department, with the option of fulfillment we can activate stock items to dispatch normally same day. Our experience with distribution is flexibility being key to a service that works for our customers.

Our designated logistical channels will ensure delivery to the door with full tracking available and POD requests updated as they occur.

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