What is Point of Sale Marketing Anyway?

POS - too many choices?

POS – too many choices?

What is Point of Sale Marketing?

Most of us head to the supermarket with a well thought out list of everything we need to buy. So why is it that by the time we make it home, we realise we’ve left the shop with far more than what we went in for?

A lot of the time, this is down to Point of Sale marketing. Those clever displays that grab our attention and make us pick up that packet of biscuits that wasn’t on our list, or try a new tea because the shelf it was sat on told us too. But it doesnt stop there, just wait until you get to the checkout. With your shopping all completed and ready to go, you suddenly notice all these extra things you need. That chocolate bar you just have to have that’s practically leaping of the display into your hands, or the fizzy drink that’s managed to make its way onto the till point.

Point of Sale marketing focuses on those impulse buys. It is all about using tactics to make you, the shopper, pick and buy something that would otherwise have been left behind. An article that talks about Point of Sale Marketing states that items on or near a POS display “move at one-and-a-half to three times as fast as the same product on a shelf elsewhere in the store, and some items in high-traffic supermarkets have been reported to sell as much as 64 times faster.” With stats like this, its no wonder POS displays continue to be seen in every supermarket we go into.

Here at CP arts, its our job to make sure that your POS display increases your sales and draws in the customers. And what makes us different from other POS companies, is our design team who are constantly coming up with new and exciting unit designs, which our clients love.