What is a Point Of Sale Display?

Point Of Sale (POS) displays are product stands used in retail outlets,

that carry a message to influence the customer to either choose a specific brand or to make an impulse buy.


Point Of Sale display targets the customer when they are already in the store and ready to make a sale. They draw attention to particular brands, special offers or showcase the advantages of a product. This additional marketing tool has a high impact due to it being located in the very place and moment that the consumer is making a buying decision.

Keep It Interesting

POS marketing displays must be both attention catching and constantly evolve. By changing the offer regularly it keeps the display interesting and stops it from becoming inefficient. When offers are not changed this is when they customer loses interest and will not feel the urgency to buy those additional items.

Bespoke Designs

Here at CP arts we pride ourselves on our innovative and bespoke designs. The structural design of your board packaging may be straight forward or it may be more complex. So whether you are looking for a highly innovative packaging design or creative graphics for your project, we can make this happen on any budget.

With a team of structural designers collaborating on your design, you can be sure you will get the most appropriate and cost effective POS display solution for your requirements. Once the structural design of your temporary display is complete and its functionality is fit for purpose, the graphic design team go to work to ensure it attracts customers.

Choosing Print

Part of the decision making process is to choose the most appropriate print solution to support the packaging design. Whether you require high resolution 6 colour digital print, or where exceptional quality is required, litho would be the answer. Alternatively for a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion, screen print may be perfectly adequate.

The packaging design team consistently deliver visually stunning and cost effective, temporary display designs to enable you to achieve your objectives in the most resource effective ways possible.

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