Happy Feet Give-Away

How Does Give-away Marketing Work?

People like the idea of getting something for nothing. Marketers can use this to spread the word about products, find new customers and increase sales. From free books on Amazon to free samples in the grocery store, give-away marketing makes products free for a time in order to increase sales even more in the future.

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RESPA 2015 Expo - Cologne

Member of FESPA UK

FESPA logo


The UK association of print specialists and manufacturers, FESPA UK Association represents a total market in the UK of £2.1bn. They represent not only producers of printed products used in point-of-sale media, industrial applications, garments and textiles, but also those companies who supply products and services to these imaging specialists.

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Beast Quest banner and standee

Beastly Standee

An example of a cut – out standee. You can find out more about Beast Quest by following this link http://beast-quest.com/

Standees are perfect for promotional campaigns as they are great at grabbing the customers attention and really give you that wow factor. Whether it is launching a new product or advertising a new game or film, standees are a popular choice amoungst our clients. To see more of our designs visit our Portfolio.


Wow is the one we aim for


There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

Milton Glaser

When creating any piece of design, the above quote is one that is always kept in mind. At CP Arts we aim for all of our deisgns to give you that WOW effect. Our Point of Purchase/Point of Sale stands are there to grab the customers attention and ultimately to make them buy something that they normally wouldnt pick up. By keeping our designs interesting and ever changing this makes sure they are effective all of the time.

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