CP arts design and manufacture bespoke Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) displays

Our environmentally friendly designs for retail marketing specialise in card and structural board displays which are designed, proofed, printed, built and finished in our UK factory


Since the foundation CP arts has grown into one of the UK’s leading print production companies. Keeping pace with developments in this fast-moving and ever evolving industry is central to our success, but by itself it can never be enough. Only through our continuous investment in plant, machinery and staff training, are able to work at the lead edge of technology and so fulfill our commitment to supply our customers with high quality and cost-effective Point of Sale / Point of Purchase Displays.

Design, Manufacture & Distribution

Bespoke POS and POP displays

Our experienced team of designers and in-house manufacturing facility give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Our designs are bespoke to your brand, have in-store impact, are easy to assemble and are durable.

We provide custom displays and POS stands to give your product the maximum exposure it needs. From bespoke prototyping to roll-out, we can manufacture to order a complete range of POS displays for retail, high street stores, blue-chip companies and leading brand names.

We work with you, your clients and your ideas from design through to manufacture, delivery and installation.

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