Let CP arts become your retail partner for

Point of Sale and Point of Purchase marketing materials

We specialise in design, production and distribution of bespoke and innovative POS units

With designs that grab consumer awareness for your products within today’s super competitive retail environment. We know how to get your products noticed in store, build brand recognition and drive sales upward.

We are one of the UK’s most experienced and respected print and display manufacturers and product house, we pride ourselves on our quality, flexibility and on time delivery performance. Whether you are looking for counter top displays, FSDU, flat signage or elaborate in store theatre, let us come up with designs bespoke to your brand

If you would like to see some of our designs for yourself please email sales@cparts.co.uk to request sample visuals.


Did you know?

Point of Sale can increase sales up to 3 times as fast as the same product elsewhere in store

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